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Light is a constant source of artistic inspiration. It is the material with which photographers work, and Evy is a photographer : she writes with light.

What could be more natural then to prolong this passion in the art of fused glass. But glass does not tam, it is in a constant and respectful dialogue that shapes and images are revealed through the gesture of the artist and the hand of the craftsman.

These works, opaque or translucent, smooth or rough, subtly coloured, lend their apparent fragility to the experiment of the touch.

Evy transmits the sensuality and the magic of the art of glass which has became her space of experimentation and expression

Inauguration Asteri Nov 2106 avec Jessie Bensimon


Invited Artists

Asteri is happy to host exhibitions of artists:

Painters, photographers, jewel makers, ceramists and glass artists (photo Jessie Bensimon with her creations in the foreground)

To visit, please call at: +33 6 26 41 80 20

Glass artwork

unique and personalised Gifts

To celebrate an event, to offer a personalised present, to give a new life to family photographs which lie in albums or in the computer…

Or to decorate your interior:

I create, for you, unique artwork or small series, working from your images in black and white or color.

Portraits fused in glass

Kitchen or bathroom tiles, panels

Mobiles – Family trees



ECAsteri : Studio – Gallery